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  • Would you like to have your own mobile platform?

    Do you want to re-engage your customers by providing them with mobile, real-time intra-day advertising solutions? Want to avoid the cost and the time it takes to build your own mobile platform?

    Our solution is designed to provide you with a mobile deals presence, without the hassle of creating your own platform from scratch, or developing brand new technology. All this at absolutely no upfront cost to you.
  • Our white-labeled deals platform enables local merchants to push out real-time offers to mobile consumers on both consumer-facing Android and iPhone applications. These mobile offers are there for consumers to redeem instantly when on-the-go.

    With BeThere, you can approach your merchants not only for daily deals but for their more real-time, pressing needs: clearing through perishable inventory or generating instant business during their slower hours. The merchants that were once featured only every so often, now have an opportunity to be promoted all the time on mobile; which translates to incremental revenue for you.

  • What We Provide:
    • Your own white-labelled mobile iPhone and Android App
    • Your own self-serve merchant portal that allows either you, or your merchants to create and publish deals onto your white-labelled iPhone and Android Apps.
    • A secure, customizable payment platform with adjustable price points, with over 75 different payment options worlwide.
    • Real-Time Reporting that tracks key information around your deals, providing you with key insight that will help you optimize your business.
    • Massive incremental distribution: we will be serving your real-time deals as mobile ads in third party mobile applications, thereby increasing your reach by leaps and bounds.
  • It's Free! We will not charge you any fees to use our platform.

    For the 60 Day Trial, you wil l retain 100% of the revenue. Afterwards, should you decide to continue to use our platform, we will simply charge a small commission per deal that is converted. No monthly/annual fees, or other hidden costs.
  • Here's an Added Bonus!

    BeThere as a User Acquisition Tool!
    By joining the BeThere network, you will reap the benefits of being a BeThere Platform member.
    We will distribute your offers through our Mobile Developer and Ad Network Partners, thus providing you with increased distribution and visibility. Consider this a cost-effective way to increase your user base, and thus become an even more effective marketing tool for your merchants.

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